The East Mississauga CHC is an exciting growth of the Lakeshore Area Multiservice Project Community Health and Social Services (LAMP CHC). LAMP CHC has provided health and social services to the South Etobicoke area for over 30 years, and is pleased to be welcomed into the East Mississauga community.

The need for a Community Health Centre has long been on the agenda of many social and community service organizations in East Mississauga. In 2002, the East Mississauga Inter-agency Group developed a proposal that clearly identified the growing need for a community health center to fulfill the needs of underserved populations, and partner with the wealth of diversity in East Mississauga to advocate for issues that matter to our entire community.

Until the East Mississauga CHC opened, none of the 54 operating CHCs or satellites serviced Mississauga. With the growing population of Peel, particularly in Mississauga, the need for integrated and inclusive approaches to health is greater than ever. The East Mississauga CHC works with local organizations, groups, and individuals to strengthen residents’ access to a range of health and social services to keep you healthy.

The CHC will be a gathering and meeting point for many members of the community from different walks of life. With many different ethnic, social, and racial communities in East Mississauga, our goal is to provide a healthy place for interaction and build on the resources of a diverse population. We aim to provide services that respond to the assorted needs of residents, as well as unifying diverse groups in a common goal: creating a healthier East Mississauga!